Links to Over 300 Computer Tech Blogs in One Place

I thoroughly enjoy visiting, reading, collecting and supporting the tech blogs that are out there on the internet. Locating tech blogs can be a cumbersome task; especially since there are so many. There are an endless number of private tech blogs out there that we never see and end up missing out on some really excellent material. As a matter of fact, if you are someone that is in the ever changing world of IT and computers, I encourage you to go fishing for blogs to keep in line with the pace.

If you are someone that enjoys reading and learning about information technology I can save you a whole lot of work.  I have spent the past year collecting tech blogs.

Located on the right side of the blog you will see the
“What’s On My PC – Launch Pad” .

image The Launch Pad is your launching point to over 300 tech blogs (319 to be exact and the list continues to grow). The Launch Pad is nothing pretty; but it loads fast; AND, is smart phone and browser friendly.

Recently I added to the Launch Pad another 61 more blogs (or tech sites).  The new additions are are reflected below.

Technogran’s Tittle Tattle
Freeware Mission
Everything USB
dotTech [.org]
Download Tube
Ramesh’s Site
TMS Network Blog
Software & News
Tom’s Hardware
Windows 7 Hacker
Tech Bucket

Windows 7 News & Tips
Technology Is Fun
Tech Zoom In
Freeware Home
Geek or Unique
Murtaza’s Technoblog
File Guru
I Love Free Software
Tech Airlines
Digital Buzz Blog
Quick Online Tips
Computer Articles
Steal Ideas
Tweaking Windows
Extreme Trix
Ask A Tech Teacher
The Kim Komando Show
IT Mamak
Freeware Pharmacy
One Tip A Day
Ask Bob Rankin
Online Tech Tips
Barry’s Best Computer Tips
Daily Bits
New Your Computer Help Blog


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14 Responses to Links to Over 300 Computer Tech Blogs in One Place

  1. […] Links to Over 300 Computer Tech Blogs in One Place « What's On My PC […]

  2. […] Links to Over 300 Computer Tech Blogs in One Place « What's On My PC […]

  3. Adrian says:

    @ Rick,

    Can you please add my blog back to the blogroll?


    P.s. Thanks for creating such a great collection of tech blogs.

  4. Chinmoy says:

    Hi, this is the admin of
    Thanks for including my blog in the list.

  5. […] Squeaks’ of the Week (#33) Recently I posted an article [ link ] about the What’s On My PC… Launch Pad that is a compilation of over 300 tech sites and blogs. […]

  6. Jim says:

    Rick!! Thanks a lot for including my Link on the list. I always searched for computer Tech Blogs to learn more about Computer. Now i got a long list… Great Thanks again..

  7. Murtaza says:


    I am the owner of Murtaza’s Technoblog. I wanted to thank you for the link to my blog.

  8. mubbisherahmed says:

    Hi Rick,

    This list is great. I was searching wordpress for IT blogs and came across your site. Superb!

    PS: Visit my blog and if you like, feel free to add to your list, it lives at:

    • Ramblinrick says:


      Will add your blog… I am currently moving from one residence to another and will be offline for awhile. Once I am back in a couple of weeks, will add your blog. Thanks for visiting.


  9. Jourdan says:

    This is so helpful! I will definitely be using this list! I have been so frustrated with not being able to find an IT blogs. So this is the best present ever!

    By the way, did y’all know that if you connect with the KellyMitchell Group on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and you’ll have three chances to win a FREE iPad! Pretty sweet, right?

    KellyMitchell is an IT staffing firm that matches IT professionals with organizations nationwide. Details on the drawing here:

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