Online Collaboration with Microsoft SharedView

image Collaboration – the act of working jointly. With Microsoft SharedView (Beta2) software, you can share, review and update documents with multiple people (up to 15 people) by displaying what is on your computer screen. A Windows Live ID (Passport, Hotmail, or MSN) is required to initate a session, but is not required to join a session. You can use your Windows Live ID or a friendly name to join a session without signing in.


Microsoft SharedView is also integrated with Windows Live Messenger where a session can be initiated by clicking on the SharedView menu item on the Activities menu.  Choosing this option will send an invite to join a SharedView session. The person you sent the invite to can easily join the session you initiated.

Microsoft SharedView is FREE to download and use.  To learn more about Microsoft SharedView and to watch its’ development, I encourage you to click on the following links.

Welcome to Microsoft SharedView

SharedView User Assistance Home Page


Microsoft SharedView is a fast, easy way to share documents and screen views with small groups of friends or coworkers; anytime, anywhere. Use SharedView to put your heads together and collaborate – create, convey, and communicate…across physical boundaries, through firewalls, and down to the smallest details.


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  1. We recently did a clean install on more than 30 computers in our classroom. Everything went great and there where no device errors, weird Blue Screens of Death or frozen machines. Because our IT students help two of them had not went to the advanced link when the hard drive was shown and deleted the partition. Windows 7 saved the old windows (XP)under a folder. The performance to me is exceptional and the OS is smooth. Having 300+ more computers to upgrade, we are looking at over 50 third party applications in our institution (that’s where the challenge will take place). I feel like Microsoft got it together this go around…great review Rick, keep it up…


    1. Steve,

      Thank you for giving us a “real world” experience with the Windows 7 install AND thank you for the kind words. The students may never get to experience that BSOD if Microsoft keeps going in this direction.



  2. Is this version of Windows better than vista? How is your memory holding up after the upgrade? Can one upgrade from XP PRO or Home to Windows 7?



    1. Alicious,

      At the bottom of the article you will find some links (directly to Microsoft) regarding upgrading from Vista to 7 AND XP to 7. Another article to look at is: Using the Microsoft Upgrade Adviser

      The main reason I upgraded is because I enjoy messing around with this stuff. Is Windows 7 better than Vista? Windows 7 has some finer touches and is what Vista originally should have been; HOWEVER, if you are running Vista (with Service Pack 2) it is best to stick with it; unless you want to put out the bucks to do an upgrade. The Vista to Windows 7 Upgrade works pretty nicely, but if you notice it took hours. Now if you do a clean install where it wipes the drive clean, then it will take about a half hour to 45 minutes, BUT, you will have to reinstall everything. Regarding the memory, I currently have an AMD processor, dual core, with 3 gigs of RAM. Windows 7 is running very nicely on my PC. One thing I did was turn off the “aeroglass” feature. Windows 7 actually runs better and handle RAM better than Vista. Upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 is a different story. Clean install is the way to go.

      Hope this helps – Thanks for Visiting…



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