FREE and EASY Powertoy Image Resizer

Many Windows XP users are probably familiar with the Powertoy Image Resizer you downloaded as an add-on that allowed right-click image resizing functionality in Windows Explorer. This very popular Powertoy was primarily designed for Windows XP with no further development to support Windows Vista or Windows 7. This Powertoy utility enabled you to single or batch resize your pictures by simply right clicking on the picture(s), selecting Resize Pictures, selecting the scalable size, and then OK.  Magically the scalable size of the picture(s) would uniformly be resized; thus, the file size would also be reduced (or increased).  This is very useful when sending pictures via email, or posting on the web, where you want to reduce the scalable size and the file size of the pictures.  It is also useful if you are taking numerous pictures and you want to reduce the size for storage or archiving.  Frankly, today’s cameras take pictures that literally are megabytes in size and this can add up when you are archiving all the pictures you take.

If this Powertoy was developed for Windows XP, is there an alternative (similar) solution for Windows Vista & Windows 7?

The answer is yes.  I recently located and was introducted to “Image Resizer Powertoy Clone for Windows” which is a clone (replica) of the original Windows XP Powertoy Image Resizer.  The cool factor to this clone resizer is that it is being developed as open source software product, that is FREE and will only get better as the development progresses.

If are someone that is into taking pictures, Image Resizer Powertoy Clone for Windows is definitely an image utility you want on your PC.




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