Highly Recommended – Bill Mullins’ Top 12 FREE Downloads

If you are a frequent visitor to What’s On My PC… , then you know Bill Mullins’, the blogmaster, at Tech Thoughts.  Bill, along with TechPaul (at Tech-for Everyone) were the motivators that got me into the blogging arena.  As a result, I have (2)-two virtual friends that continue to encourage, prod and motivate. Both are very unique individuals; AND between myself and these two individuals, I believe some cloning occurred somewhere along this life’s path.

If you are a blogger, then you know it is work; BUT, it is rewarding and enriching, as well.  Bill, at Tech Thoughts, has been a professional blogger for nearly 2 years and has mastered what it takes to be successful at blogging. Over 1.5 million hits in a 22 month period are numbers you typically see on some of the top sites on the internet.

During that 22 month run, Bill has posted (relentlessly) tech article after tech article with numerous software reviews. The cool factor about all of this is that Bill actually tests the software to give you the low down of what is hot and what is not.


During a recent visit to Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts, I noticed Bill posted a review about the “Top 12 Downloaded Free Applications on Tech Thoughts”.

Bill’s comments about the top 12 applications:

In the roughly 22 months I have been writing Tech Thoughts, these are the top 12 downloaded free applications on this site. Having had the opportunity to test each and every one thoroughly, I have no hesitation in recommending these top performing free applications.

I am not going to reveal those Top 12 applications here; instead, I encourage you to visit Bill Mullins’ – Tech Thoughts to get this highly recommended listing for yourself.


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4 thoughts on “Highly Recommended – Bill Mullins’ Top 12 FREE Downloads

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  1. Rick,

    Thank you for the very kind words. They mean a great deal to me, coming from a professional such as you. I might add, learning is always a two way street, and I have learned my fair share by following you on What’s On MY PC.

    It’s the first site I visit every day.



  2. What Bill doing is great and definitely encouraging, at least for me. I always try to put my best effort when I write an article but very few time I get satisfied. Hope one day I can reach the quality of Bill’s article. Continue your great work Bill.


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