Facebook Users – Beware of Email Malware

Don’t let your guard down… Many of my acquaintances are subscribers to the popular social magnet site of Facebook.  Also, many of my acquaintances are honest people who want to believe that the internet is a safe place and often forget the “rules of the road”.

If you are a Facebook user and you receive an email that the password  on your Facebook account has been reset and your new password is attached, do not fall for the old trick of opening the attachment. This email is a form of spam email with a zip file attachment that contains an executable; that, when launched (clicked on), will infect your PC with malware (trojan) . [Source: Avira Techblog]


Remember the “rules of the road”:

Do not open email, let alone attachments, that you even have the slightest doubt. Trust me, if the doubt is there, it is most likely fake and contains malware.

Avoid unsolicited email messages; especially those with attachments or those with unsolicited links.

Always have up-to-date anti-virus, malware, and spyware software installed on your PC.


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10 thoughts on “Facebook Users – Beware of Email Malware

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  1. …This is why gmail, hotmail, and yahoo mail are so important. They scan the files and say whoa this email is bad.

    That and common sense.


    1. Brad,

      You are absolutely correct… It is definitely a good layer of protection to use those services. We just need to educate people to detect these types of scams before the virus scanners do… Checked out your blog… Great job! Will be including it on the “Launch Pad” at the side of the blog…



  2. Thanks for the warning. It is amazing to me how many of these types of e-mails come across my virtual desk each week. I don’t understand why these people go to so much trouble to spread viruses and malicious software.


    1. Simply because if even 1 person downloads it, it spreads to their friend, etc. People back then (1990) did it for laughs but now they do it because they want your credit cards and cash, or identity.


  3. “..honest people who want to believe that the internet is a safe place..”

    The ploy you warn people about here is one of the oldest in the book. We have been educating people about e-mail viruses for 20+ years.
    And yet it still works.

    But.. we have to keep trying. Folks, tell your Facebook friends about this latest scam and tell them there will be more to come.


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