Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#36)

image Welcome to the weekly roundup of articles from the developers of the blogs that are members of the What’s On My PC blogroll community.  I encourage you to visit these blogs to learn more about information technology and computers.  To these authors, I say Thank You!

AKS – Feel The Change
Windows SteadyState- Powerful tool to Protect Shared Computers

Carol’s Vault
Introducing Mind & Brain: A Graphic Guide sample
How to Remove SystemVeteran

Teck~Line Lounge
Free CodySafe Portable Start Menu By Codyssey

The Spyware Biz Blog
Were you tricked ot treated?

Plato On-Line
Deceptive Credit Card Practices

Geeked Up
Mini Notebook Computers

Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts
Fix Your Computer with Free PC Fixer a 4.5 Star Utility

Right On Technology
Apple $30 a Month TV Service for iTunes

The PC Security
How to Crack, Open or Access
Outlook PST File without Password

Computer Too Slow
How to disable CD/DVD autoplay in Windows

Crazy World of G
Are You In Sync?

Replace Library Icons
Customizes Windows 7 Library Icons [Downloads]
Colorbrewer – excellent color schemes resource

Sugarloaf Tech
Just say no to toolbars

Tech-for Everyone
Is It Worth Upgrading? (Two quick reco’s)

Nokia Recalls 14 Million AC Adapters – Gearlog

Free PC Security
Facebook Virus – UPS Virus – Using SUPERantispyware

Tune Up Blog
TuneUp Utilities – Enjoy your PC

Technogran’s Tittle Tattle
Live Photo Gallery v Google Picasa round 3

Computer Maintenance
Delete Temporary Files/Cache and Speed Up Your Computer

Canadian Tech News Blog
8 Must Have Applications

Freeware Elite
Launchy: Great flashy launcher

Winners of Google Wave Invitations Giveaway!

Worthy Tips
How to detect what .Net version installed on your machine?

Microsoft Security Essentials A Free Anti-Virus From Microsoft

I Love Free Software
Fastest Free Disk Imaging Software: Macrium Reflect

Domain names extensions in International scripts

TTC Shelbyville
Resize Photos Online

Tux in the Midwest
Flirting with Androids

Client for Google Translate

Freeware Pharmacy
Hulu Desktop

What’s On My PC…
I Want That Video…


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9 Responses to Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#36)

  1. Dominic says:

    Great list again Rick! Thanks for taking the time to compile a lot of good content into one place. I know that requires a lot of reading on your part :).

  2. Ramblinrick says:


    Lot of reading, but I learn alot from doing this… I love it!


  3. Bill Mullins says:

    Thanks Rick.

    BTW, noticed your reply time to Dominic as 12:06 PM. Hmmm.


  4. Colin says:

    Hey Rick,

    Awesome collection as always, now all I need are more hours in the day….36 should do it lol

    Many thanks for the inclusion among so many superb and informative writers, it’s a great honor 🙂


  5. Ramblinrick says:


    Will have to make that adjustment… Thanks for pointing this out!


  6. Ramblinrick says:


    I know exactly what you mean about “not enough hours in the day”… I keep wondering how long I can keep the pace with blogging.


  7. Ramblinrick says:


    I always forget with WordPress that you have to manually make the time change adjustment… Again, Thank you for pointing this detail out to me!


  8. Bill Mullins says:


    I owe ya for allowing me to participate in your awesome “Geek Squeaks”, so hey….gotta cover ya. LOL!


  9. g says:

    Great list Rick – And thanks for the squeek!

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