Find the Largest Files and Folders On Your PC

I have been doing computers for many years and over that many years I have accumulated and collected thousands of files (and folders), such as downloads, pictures, videos, documents, etc…  Fortunately, I have an organized method to my madness for managing my files (and folders) so that valuable disk space is not wasted.  One such method that I use to collectively visualize my madness is a FREE and PORTABLE utility, called TreeSize Free.


TreeSize Free is an utility that will show you, in a graphical sense, what files/folders are consuming the most space on your hard drive.

When you first run TreeSize Free you need to click on “Scan”, then select the drive you desire to analyze.  The scan is performed in threads, which means you will see results while the program is working.  On my first scan of my system, it took about minute to complete the scan, which is typical (and actually pretty fast) for a program of this type. The cool factors to this little gem of a program is that; you can break down the results (or values) by kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes; you can list the results by size, allocated space, percentage, cluster size or by file count;  you can sort the results by name or size;  you can use the Windows Explorer right click menu directly in the program; AND, you can print out a very nice report of the scan results.

For a program that is small in size (and portable); it serves a very practical purpose by showing you what files and folders are hogging up disk space.  TreeSize Free can also come in handy for locating those huge file downloads that you forgot about or when you are assisting someone with cleaning the file contents from their PC to reclaim disk space. Personally this is a “must have” program on everyone’s PC or flash drive.


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