Portable Utility to Backup and Archive Your Email

Here of late I have been on a kick with testing backup utilities; and today I came across an interesting application, called MailStore Home, that will allow you to archive (or backup) your email. If you are an email packrat and you are looking for something to archive (or backup) your email to your computer, then this app may be for you.

First off, MailStore Home is FREE and is designed to archive (or backup) email from:

Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Exchange
AVM Ken! Mailbox
Mozilla Thunderbird
Mozilla SeaMonkey
Windows Mail
Windows Live Mail
Google Mail
IMAP Mailbox
POP3 Mailbox
Email Files


MailStore Home can either be installed on your PC or you can go with the NEW portable beta version that can be run without installing the app  and can be run directly from your flash drive (or from a folder on your PC). For the sake of testing this app, I went with the portable version and ran it directly from a folder on my PC.


I am an email packrat in the sense that I use an online webmail account that harvests emails from my numerous other email accounts so that I have a backup. As a matter of fact I have approximately 4 GB’s of email stored in that backup account. The only problem with this strategy is that my emails (and attachments) are stored on the internet and not on my PC. MailStore Home is the solution to this problem and has given me the option of archiving and saving all of my emails to my PC.  As a result, I can clean out my online account and feel more comfortable knowing that my email data is now safe on my PC.

The cool factor with MailStore Home is that when you perform the backup, you have option of leaving the email on the server (on the internet) or you can tell MailStore to delete the email on the server after it has been safely archived (backed up).

MailStore Home will pluck those emails, attachments and all, and save them to your PC in the form of a data file that can be read  and searched by MailStore Home and backed up to other locations (such as an external drive, flash drive, etc…). 

Main features I found that you may be interested in:

Archive all email messages centrally, securely and permanently

No storage limitations

Search your email in a fraction of a second (incl. attachments)

Integrated CD/DVD burning, backup archives with 1 click

Conserve disk space; MailStore Home saves only a single instance of mail and attachments

Preview saved messages directly in MailStore and reopen them in your local mail client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook)

Your email can be exported to a variety of destinations

Messages are stored MIME-compatible, and can be recovered at any time without information loss (e.g. to import them in other applications)


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9 thoughts on “Portable Utility to Backup and Archive Your Email

Add yours

  1. Rick,

    I’m being a bit picky here, but it would be nice to see this app incorporate an encryption utility. Maybe I’ve seen too many “spy” movies, but it seems to me that locally stored emails should be encrypted.

    Still, it’s a very useful application.



    1. Bill,

      Excellent idea and something that MailStore may be interested in hearing… Hmmm… Could use an encryption utility; however, you’re right, should be a give me (and built into the program).



  2. Hey Rick,
    it’s just bad that Yahoo and Fastmail, which I use, are’nt included! sigh
    Add to that, Google just suspended my Gmail without any reason why but my Google acct. was’nt suspended!
    You smell something?
    I’m using Ymail for almost 4 years and that never happened with them. My Gmail was only 4 days old!
    This is a useful app anyway.


  3. Pochp,

    Looks like you could use MailStore to backup your FastMail account… I don’t use Fastmail, but I did notice that the FREE account does use IMAP, which is one of the MailStore options.



  4. I think that MailStore is a great mail archiver to buckup emails on our computer, etc. It is very important to have stored all our emails and not have to worry about it.

    I use a DMS that includes a fairly powerful mail archiver: OpenKM with which you can manage all your emails and avoid unnecessary losses.

    You can access here: http://www.openkm.com/en/modules-eng/mail-archiver.html

    I hope I have contributed valid information!:)


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