Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#37)

If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of information technology and computers, I encourage you to take a moment and visit each of the blogs listed below. The articles and information that these sites provide are phenomenal. It is an absolute honor to have them on the What’s On My PC… blogroll.


The PC Security
9 Tips for Safe and Secure Online Shopping on Internet Sites

Computer Too Slow
Windows 7 complaints from Netbook Users

Crazy World of G
Scan To PDF

MyPorts Gives You Detailed Information on Open Ports
Google Wave Preview – first look

Tech-for Everyone
Open .ppt Slideshows With Free Viewer*

The “Noteable” Mousepad

Free PC Security
Revo Uninstaller – Free

Right On Technology
Pirate Bay Tracker Shuts Down

Blogging Fool
WordPress Posts Yet Another Security Update in Advance of 2.9

Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts
Internet Security Tips for Seniors

Evilfantasy’s Blog
What things to do when bored on the Internet?

Plato On-Line
Black Friday Deals Leaked to CNN

The Spyware Biz Blog
A great way to remember secure passwords

Teck~Line Lounge
Amazing Knife Throw- Modern Warfare 2
How to Remove Personal Protector

Carol’s Vault
Design your room online with Armstrong

AKS-Feel The Change
Flash Drive Reminder-Unplug USB Flash Drive From PC

Tune Up Blog
32-bit vs. 64-bit: More Bit, More Performance?

Canadian Tech News Blog
5 Ways In Which Firefox Is Better Than Internet Explorer

Freeware Elite
Backup your Facebook account with ArchiveFB

View Previously Featured Bing Wallpapers & Download Them!

Worthy Tips
Switch Off Your Monitor Using Single Mouse Click in Windows 7

Handy Backup – Automatic Data Backup, Recovery and Synchronization

I Love Free Software
Kompozer: Free Alternative to Adobe Dreamweaver and FrontPage

TTC Shelbyville
Visio – Nope, It is Gliffy!

Carputers News and Computer Tips
Free WiFi for the Holidays

View lyrics for songs in your iTunes Library with LyricToy

Computer Maintenance
Basic Computer Maintenance Tips/Checklist

Freeware Pharmacy

What’s On My PC
Break the Email Chain – Stop the Lies!


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  1. Each and every Wednesday I encourage folks to click a few links and explore these great (free) online resources; and thank you, Rick, for including Tech- for Everyone in this compilation.


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