Tech-for Everyone: Which is better, HP or Dell?

I frequently have people ask me, when shopping for a PC, whether they should go for a Hewlett Packard or Dell???

Thanks to TechPaul, at Tech-for Everyone, his recent article, “Which is better, HP or Dell?” falls in line with my thinking exactly and gives you the answer(s); and, some sense of direction when addressing this type of question. I encourage you to read TechPaul’s article [ HERE ] .




If you are wondering what PC I use at home(?); well it is a HP; however, when I was managing a network, my choice in that environment was Dell.


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6 thoughts on “Tech-for Everyone: Which is better, HP or Dell?

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  1. TuneUp,

    Did not mean to say Dell is better for managing networks… When I was managing a network, several years back, Dell’s response for tech support issues for government agencies was awesome (the best out there at the time). I pretty much stuck with them for that reason; plus, their PC’s were rock solid dependable. At home I have been pretty much a HP user (especially their Media Center PC’s) and the reason for that was their complete package was the best bang for your buck (in my humble opinion).

    Thanks for commenting…



  2. I really feel that all major pc companies have both good and bad areas. IMHO, good support will follow up with the client. The best tech support is when a company does more than what the client expects of them.
    We all know that some clients will never been pleased, but if the company puts forth a good faith effort, I feel that all that should be expected. Most people feel that a pc company should educate them, but when you purchase a new car, the dealer teach you how to drive?


  3. I personally like dell more. What i like the most is the vostro series and the fact that the pc’s dont come packed with “free” software like the hp ones. I hate having to sit and uninstall all the junk.


    1. Brad,

      I’m with you on that one (uninstalling all of the junk on a new PC). Dell, and HP, however, are listening and it is much better than years back.

      Thank you for commenting and hope to see you here again soon!



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