Take Google Chrome Portable for a Spin

From day one Google Chrome has piqued my interest.  As a matter of fact, Google Chrome and Firefox sit side-by-side on my machine as my web browsers of choice. I enjoy the speed and clean appearance that Chrome offers and the dependability, security, and extensions that Firefox offers. I find myself alternating between the two, quite frequently.

If you are someone that has not tried Google Chrome and would like to (without installing it) there is a very good portable option available at portableapps.com. Simply download Google Chrome portable [HERE] and install/run it from a folder on your PC or install/run it from your flashdrive (as it was designed for). Due to Google Chrome Portable being classified as a portable app, it will not write to the registry or leave any files behind. If you find that it is not your cup of tea, simply delete the folder where you initially installed the files.


To learn more about Google Chrome, click [ HERE ]


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2 thoughts on “Take Google Chrome Portable for a Spin

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  1. Hey Rick,
    I already use FF portable for emergencies.
    My USB flash is just 4G so i hesitate to add G portable.
    Can you tell which is better?
    I might replace FF if Chrome P is better 🙂


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