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As many of you have known, I recently have been in process of moving from one residence to another.  As a result, I had to stop blogging for a short period of time, in order to make this transition.  To let you all know, the transition has went quite well, my back has held up AND most importantly my computer system is back up and purring along.  We still have to complete some final touches; but, we are almost there and very happy with everything.  I can tell this move was meant to be and hopefully will be my last! I am looking forward to my return to the blog and posting on a regular basis; and, most importantly reading the articles posted by the authors that are a part of the What’s On My PC blogroll.

image Much to my surprise when I returned to my blog, on Christmas day, I was contacted by the editor in chief of the Computer Shopper and learned that What’s On My PC… had been singled out, along with (5)-five other tech blogs (see below), as a “Blog We Like” for the month of December! Wow, what a great Christmas present and incentive to keep blogging.  You can see the full review [ here ].


The Computer Shopper has been around for years (established in 1980) and is recognized nationally (and worldwide) for their advice and consumer reviews of computer and technology products.  I have always been a long time advocate of the Computer Shopper and use it on a regular basis for buying advice and most importantly to keep on top of what is new in the world of computers and technology.  To the editor in chief of Computer Shopper, I personally Thank You…


The (5)-five other tech blogs featured in the December’s roundup of the Computer Shoppers – Blogs We Like were:

Tune Up Blog


Tech-for Everyone

Ask Leo

Ask Dave Taylor


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  1. I am happy you moved because it seems you are happy with your decision.

    I am also glad to know that you are BAAAAAAACK. You have done a great job with your blog and believe in helping others by sharing your knowledge. You are someone I have learned to trust AND you don’t have a hidden agenda other than to make us more educated.

    I missed you and want to send you thanxxxxxxxx again for coming back.


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