A Collection of Online Image Converters

Recently I found a need to convert an icon from one image format (.png) to another (.ico); that put me on the hunt for online image converters.  To the everyday computer user, converting from one  image file format to another, is something that you will not be doing very often; but, it is nice to have an option in the event you do need to perform this task. This is where an online converter (cloud app) can be of help and will save you from installing converter software on your PC.

In my case, I was initially searching for an icon converter to convert icons from the image file format of .png to the image file format of .ico.  I performed a quick search for an icon converter using Google and immediately was directed to Convertico.com


ConvertICO is a Free Online Converter – fast (you don’t need to register or to install software) and easy to use (you need only 3 clicks to convert the PNG or ICO file) – able to convert PNG to ICO (Windows Vista compatible icons) and ICO to PNG format files.

As I indicated before, this piqued my interest and I went on the hunt for online image converters and found an array of (6)-six online options (see below).


At CoolUtils – Free Online Image Converter you can convert most commonly used graphic image formats – BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF or ICO.  Your image image must not exceed 700Kb in size.


At Online-Image Converter.com you are permitted to convert files up to 50 MBs in size and can do an unlimited number of files at a time.  The converter also allows you to resize, crop and adjust the contrast and brightness, which appeared difficult to understand (to me).  Once the conversion has completed, a download link to the converted images is sent to your email.


The image converter at Online-Utility.org supports over 100 major image formats.  Ironically, the only format it does not support is the .ico format (for icons)that I was initially looking for.


PictureResize not only features an option to resize your pictures, it also supports the conversion of over 100 different image formats.  Appears to be a good choice and easy to understand; however, it did not support the .ico format I was looking for.


Convert Hub supports the most common (everyday) image formats.  What I liked about Convert Hub is that it did support the .ico format I was looking for and it allowed me to select the size of the .ico (icon file dimensions).


Online-Convert.com not only supports the most common image conversions, it also has converters available for video, audio and documents.

If you know of any other online image converters, please feel free to share it with us.


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