What is Dropbox?

Dropbox Is a File Storage, Syncing and Collaboration Tool [ Link ]


Every once in awhile I love to link to articles that have been posted by others; especially those who are members of the What’s On My PC blogroll.  Steve, over at Scoroncocolo has put up an excellent in-depth article [ Link ] about using the cloud storage app called Dropbox.


What is really intriguing about Steve’s writing is that he just does not give you bits and pieces; he give you the whole loaf.  He tests out the apps he writes about, then tells you how to use those apps in an easily understood manner. His Dropbox article is an excellent example of this. If you do not know what cloud storage is or Dropbox, I encourage you to read Steve’s article titled;

Dropbox Is a File Storage, Syncing and Collaboration Tool


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6 thoughts on “What is Dropbox?

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  1. Rick,

    Steve is a GREAT writer, and this particular article is a “must read”, for those that have an interest in online storage.

    Steve’s article, is a perfect template for how a Blog article “should” be written.

    Well done, Steve.



  2. Rick,
    Just one of the features of your website that I so enjoy and appreciate, is the support and exposure you give your fellow blogger.

    You really are providing a terrific service here, and I am proud to list What’s On My PC on my blogroll.
    Good to have you back!


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