FREE Wallpaper and Puzzles at National Geographic

image National Geographic, the official journal of the National Geographic Society, has been publishing the journal (or magazine) since 1888.  I can remember in my childhood browsing through my Grandfather’s National Geographic collection and being in awe over the articles; and, especially the photography.  If any of you are familiar with National Geographic, you know exactly what I am talking about.

If you are a National Geographic fan, then there are (4)-four FUN things you need to check out that will bring the photography of the National Geographic to your computer.

1) The National Geographic Wallpapers [ Link 1] and [ Link 2 ] .  I currently use the National Geographic Wallpapers as my primary source for my wallpaper backgrounds on my PC. There is nothing like them (in my opinion). Be sure to check out both links, as they are different.


2) Test your memory with the National Geographics’ Daily Dozen match game.


3) Nothing like a jigsaw puzzle; especially, when it is FREE and can be played on your computer featuring photography [ Link ] and Atlas Maps [ Link ] from the National Geographic.  See how fast you can assemble these puzzles (you are timed).


4) Don’t forget to check out the slide puzzles [ Link ] .  Watch the pieces scramble before your eyes and then challenge you to slide them back in order.



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