Boost Your Microsoft Office Skills with Ribbon Hero

Many people, businesses and government agencies have not yet upgraded to Office 2007 or tried out the beta of Office 2010. If you are someone that is a Microsoft Office 2003 user (or earlier version), you most likely will be disconcerted when you upgrade (or use) Office 2007 or Office 2010 (currently in beta). Reason I say this is that the first time I experienced Office 2007, I was immediately thrown off by the new user interface called ribbons that replaces the the traditional menus and toolbars.  In reality, the new ribbon design is a tabbed interface that is more simplified and more fluent with a command structure that is grouped together in a more “common sense” order of relevancy.


As with any major software upgrade there is a learning curve. Most of the time we conquer that curve through trial and many errors; OR, we take instruction to learn about the software changes. In an innovative (and different) approach, Microsoft decided to make learning about the ribbon interface a fun thing by teaching people through a game.  The game they came up with, is a prototype called Ribbon Hero. With Ribbon Hero you score points by doing the things you do everyday in Microsoft Office.

image Ribbon Hero is an add-in that you install if you are running Office 2007 or Office 2010.

Ribbon Hero is a game for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel 2007 and 2010, designed to help you boost your Office skills and knowledge. Play games (aka “challenges”), score points, and compete with your friends while improving your productivity with Office.  As a concept test, this add-in is not supported, but is an opportunity for you to try out an idea we are working on and let us know what you think.  For additional challenges and the opportunity to earn more points, download Office 2010 Beta. – Microsoft Office Labs

If this has caught your attention and you are interested in learning more about the “Ribbon User Interface” in Office 2007 (or Office 2010), you can download “Ribbon Hero” from [ HERE ] . The “cool factor” with this game is that you become educated by having fun.

To grasp the concept on how to play Ribbon Hero, I encourage you to watch the video below.



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3 thoughts on “Boost Your Microsoft Office Skills with Ribbon Hero

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  1. Hey Rick,

    I’ve been using the Office 10 beta (previous Office 2003), since its release, and I took to the ribbon like “a duck to water”.

    While it does take a bit of getting use to, it is a definite productivity booster.

    Great article – fun and education: that suits me.



    1. Bill,

      I need to get on the ball and download Office 10 beta… I do agree, if you are an adept user of the Office products, the ribbon interface will be a welcome change. Throws you at first, as mentioned, you will take to it like “a duck to water”…

      Note: Snow storm that was to miss us is now hitting us : )



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