Easily Convert Web Pages to a PDF File

I have always been one where I try to find ways to avoid using the printer by electronically converting and storing my documents on my PC so that they can easily be retrieved later. As a result, I very, very seldom go to the printer to print anything.

imageOne example is when I need to print a web page, I will use PDFmyURL, a FREE cloud based service that lets you convert any web page to a PDF file (portable document format) that can be stored on your PC for later viewing, etc.


PDFmyURL is a new tool that lets you convert any url / webpage to a .pdf and download it instantly. The online tool is free and easy to use – simply enter the url you want converted, click the button, and receive the .pdf on your desktop.

What you do is enter the web address of the web page you are interested in at the PDFmyURL site, then hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard.  PDFmyURL will go to work for you to make the conversion.  The “cool factor” is that following the conversion process to the PDF file format, the web page links are still hot and will continue to work from within the PDF document.

For example, I entered the web site address for the What’s On My PC Launchpad (http://sites.google.com/site/techlaunchpad/) at PDFmyURL and here is the final result [ LINK ] .  As a result, I found a neat way to carry my collection of tech sites with me on my portable flash drive.


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