A FREE Full Screen Interactive Weather Map

Here in the United States the weather this winter has been anything but normal. As a result, tracking weather conditions has moved up on the priority list in our daily routines

To assist us with tracking the weather, Weather Underground has recently developed a new cloud app (with touch screen technology in mind) called FullScreenWeather.com that works in conjunction with Google Maps.


To use this cloud app, simply visit FullScreenWeather.com (which is a redirect to the Weather Underground web site) and enter your zip code (or city, state, country, Latitude or Longitude).


Once your zip code is entered and the map for your locale loads, simply bookmark the site in your browser (for future one click access).  Once the map loads you have option of displaying the following overlays: temperature, precipitation or cloud cover. Using Google Maps technology, in conjunction with the weather data overlays,  you have the control to interactively zoom in and out and change the maps appearance.

The map also displays widgets of sorts (with convenient links to the Weather Underground website) that displays current and forecasted conditions, as well as, weather alerts





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10 Responses to A FREE Full Screen Interactive Weather Map

  1. Sourish Nath says:

    Nice information , rains are coming soon , will be needing this 🙂

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  3. Bill Mullins says:


    Great application – a definite keeper.

    Pretty seamless – no need to input location – just click on “we think you are here”.

    Thanks for this.


  4. Ramblinrick says:

    Also found with this cloud app that if you leave it up on your screen it will autoupdate every few minutes…


  5. arun says:

    nice about the Weather Map

  6. Steve Thomas says:

    This one is cool too, full screen weather radar using weather channel radar and it’s interactive.


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  8. IzaakMak says:

    This is cool Rick! I got my location bookmarked.

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