A NEW and TASTY Sticky Notes Program

I have always had a fascination for sticky note type programs and have tried them all. Today I experienced a new one, called OrangeNote that takes the sticky note concept to a whole different level.


OrangeNote is a sticky note program and clipboard manager (text storage bin) wrapped up in one. You can use it like any other sticky note program to keep to do lists, reminders, etc…; BUT, the real power of OrangeNote lies in its’ ability to capture (and store) any text that you copy to the Window clipboard.  The text data you copy is stored in the OrangeNote database where it is indexed. Indexing the data means the data can be instantly retrieved using OrangeNote’s search feature.


There is a learning curve to using OrangeNote, but once you get the hang of it I think you will find it visually appealing and very useful. Some things I experienced were:

  • You can add a title to your notes
  • You can create a “hotkey” for individual notes
  • You can pin a note to the desktop that will act just like any other window
  • You can change the color of the notes, adjust the font size and the color of the font.
  • You can bring up the notes manager and search box by hitting “ctrl – space” on your keyboard or by performing a right mouse click on the OrangeNote icon in the system tray.

There is also a pro version that allows you to sync notes remotely across multiple copies of the program, but the free version is fully functional for local use.  OrangeNote appears to be in early development and appears that the developer is open to suggestions to make OrangeNote better.


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