Use Your Computer to Put You to Sleep

image Here is a cloud app, called Rainy Mood,  that is unique in that it does only one thing; it is a mood enhancer that provides a 15 minute sound loop of a gentle rain (with some rumbling thunder in the background). You can also play your own music simultaneously with this online app to further enhance the mood.  I found that one of two things is going to happen while listening to Rainy Mood.  ONE, the sound of running water is going to promote a run to the bathroom; OR, TWO you are going to relax and hopefully go sleep (YAWN)…



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7 thoughts on “Use Your Computer to Put You to Sleep

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  1. Rick.. I am a bit puzzled: I thought all these comp-u-tatin’ gizmos and doodads we have now’adays are supposed to enhance productivity…

    (combine this with the ‘yule log [fireplace] screensaver’, and some very soft classical music.. who needs sleeping pills?)


  2. Rick,

    I’ve been using this sort of thing on CD for 15 years, or more. Even when I’m out of town I take it with me – couldn’t sleep otherwise. Totally relaxing.

    Will put this one on my iPod.



    1. Bill,

      I’ve seen the CD versions available, but never tried any. I’m trying to remember, but sometime ago I remember coming across a software version of mood enhancing sounds. I’m going to see if I can find it…



  3. What’s the use? You won’t be sleeping in front of the PC, would ya?

    Anyway, Rick, my blog is deleted. Please delete it from the sidebar.


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