Open Multiple Links In A Batch with Firefox

Wouldn’t it be handy and a real timesaver to open “at the same time” more than one link on a web page?  Well, you can with (2)-two ingredients; Firefox and the Firefox extension called Multi-Links (brought to you by Grizzly Ape)


With Multi Links installed (only 23.8 KB) you simply use your mouse to draw a box over the group of links that you desire to open. For example, using the illustration below, by holding down the “right mouse button”, I drew a box around a batch of links I desired to open.  Once I made my selection, I released the hold on the “right mouse button” and each one of those links opened in separate tabs.


If you want to open a group of links but not all of them you can use the Ctrl, Shift or Alt key to draw multiple selection boxes around the links you desire. Alternatively, you can select all the links and then deselect links by holding down the Ctrl or Shift key and drawing boxes around the links that you do not want selected.

This is another great example of a Firefox extension, that takes multi-tasking to another level and can save you a considerable amount of time. I currently use this extension when researching information for posting on the blog. You can get full instructions on How To Use Multi Links [ HERE ] .

Multi Links is fully customizable and offers many options.

General Tab Options


Actions Tab Options


Appearance Tab Options



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5 thoughts on “Open Multiple Links In A Batch with Firefox

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    1. Mrinmay,

      Good point… The more tabs that are opened, the higher the CPU usage (and memory consumption). So far, I’ve been pushing this app (and Firefox) and so far, so good. If you use it within reason, you probably would be OK. Only way to tell is give it a try.



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