An On-Line Tool to Clean Your Monitor from the Inside Out

I knew this title would catch your attention and you are probably wondering, “How is that possible?”. Before I reveal how cleaning your monitor from the “inside out”, it is just important to know how to clean your monitor from the outside in…

If your monitor is the LCD flat screen type monitor it is very important that you do not spray liquids directly onto the screen and do not use paper towels.  Use a microfiber (non-abrasive) rated cloth or cotton cloth to initially remove the dust from the screen.  If a heavier cleaning is needed, apply a light dose of water to the cloth.  DO NOT use ammonia based glass cleaners. I routinely use a Swiffer duster to keep the dust from collecting on my monitor (and LCD TV screen as well).  There are also other commercial cleaning products available such as Staples Lint-Free Cloths to get the job done.  It is advisable that the monitor be turned “off” during the cleaning process.

If your monitor is the old CRT type, then using window cleaner sprayed onto a lint free cloth will work.  Again, do not spray liquids directly onto the monitor and make sure the monitor is turned “off”.

Now to reveal the online tool to clean your monitor from the inside out, click the link below.  During the “inside out” cleaning method, it is important that your monitor is  turned “on” and that you have access to the internet. Please allow at least 2 minutes for a complete cleaning.


If this on-line tool failed to work for you, then you most likely need to install the Adobe Flash.


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11 thoughts on “An On-Line Tool to Clean Your Monitor from the Inside Out

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    1. I’m down to 7 hrs sleep now. My goal is 6.

      I also managed to squeeze in nine holes of golf last thursday.

      I get bored easily so I have to have things to do.


  1. I was aprehensive about clicking the link… I’m glad i did, my screen is now shiny clean. 🙂

    On a serious note; I have a touchscreen monitor… any thoughts on the best method to clean it? (From the “Outside-In”.)


    1. rsvr85,

      If you have a touchscreen that is “glass”… Any standard glass cleaner can be used to clean the touchscreen, but avoid products containing ammonia.

      Always spray the glass cleaner on a non-abrasive cloth or towel and then clean the touchscreen. Glass cleaner sprayed directly on the monitor could possibly leak inside a non-sealed unit and cause damage.



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