Forward Those Entertaining Emails to forwardOn

image TechPaul from Tech-for Everyone was recently so ever apologetic for forwarding a chain email to me; BUT, he had some very interesting pics he wanted me to see that were floating around the internet via the never-ending email circuit. See, he is alot like myself when it comes to forwarding those crazy (but sometimes entertaining) emails; we, usually are the one’s that drop the ball and break the email chain.  We do have our reasons for that and mostly it is our protective geek nature to be security conscious and do all that we can to prevent any chance of malware from being spread and to help reduce clutter in your inbox. I’m sure our proactive actions really do not have much of an impact at all; but, we do try : )


As a result of our proactive geek behavior, I recently found a service, called forwardOn where you can forward (and store) those entertaining emails that you cannot live without; so TechPaul at Tech-for Everyone, feel guilty no more.  I will just forward those great emails you send me to forwardOn for all to see.  At forwardOn you can post:

1. Videos (including links to YouTube videos)
2. Pictures
3. Jokes
4. Audio
5. Files (Word docs, Powerpoints, and more)

The “cool factor” to this service is that it works directly from your email.  Once you signup you will be provided with a forwardOn email address where you can forward those emails to your forwardOn account where it will be posted on your own private page where it can be shared with everyone.  For example, below is my public forwardOn page for your viewing pleasure:

forwardOn eliminates accidental viruses, email hoaxes and scams, wasted bandwidth and storage, clogged inboxes, unformatted content, and much more. The only thing I could not nail down with this service is how much space is given for storage…  It also appears the service offers a reward program, where the quantity and quality of your posts generates points that are redeemable for gifts, etc…


jaanix post to jaanix

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6 thoughts on “Forward Those Entertaining Emails to forwardOn

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  1. Rick,
    Needless to say, after I got through blushing, I went and checked this service out.. and, viewed your page.. and signed up.

    I declined providing my e-mail passwords so that my Contacts could automatically be sent “invites” to be my friends, and I advise others to resist this helpful feature as well.. or to do so, and then change their passwords to a new one.

    Other than that caveat, I found the service to work as you described, and put up a rather nifty PowerPoint slideshow as my test (

    Another very interesting find — thanks for letting us know. I see a few more uses for this than a simple substitute for Cc-ing.. one thing I might do is put my ‘page’ URL as link on my bog..


    1. PS — am I supposed to look at my shiny new page and feel a bit sad and depressed because in bold text it says “TechPaul has 0 friends“???
      (If so.. it’s working. Sniff. Sniff.) (Ha!)


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