Got My Blogger Batteries Recharged

My friend TechPaul, at Tech-for Everyone, recently responded to a comment on his blog explaining how blogging is hard work,  how Thank You’s are far and few between; BUT, when recognition does occur (especially from a peer) it really charges up his blogger batteries. I couldn’t agree with him more.


Recently, by pure chance, I came across the web site My Life Scoop which is a site devoted to useful stories on Family Life (including parenting, holidays, education, and cooking), Personal Life (including career and health), and Tech Life (including travel, music and videos).”


What jumped out at me at this site was that they had my blog (What’s On My PC) and TechPaul’s (Tech-for Everyone) listed as one of their Top 10 Tech Advice Blogs [click here] alongside some of the big guns that are out there.  What was rewarding about this was that I was included with one of my mentors (Tech Paul).  I actually got into blogging from the encouragement of Tech Paul (at Tech-for Everyone) and from the encouragement of Bill Mullins’ (at Tech Thoughts). To this day I look up to these guys and when something good happens the real reward is paying them back with words of sincere thanks that recharges my blogger batteries and hopefully gives them a charge to their blogger batteries, as well.


I just wanted to publicly recognize and say Thank You to My Life Scoop for this recognition; AND, most importantly for recharging my blogger batteries.  I really needed that…


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10 thoughts on “Got My Blogger Batteries Recharged

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  1. Rick,
    The only reason your site is the last one on my blogroll is that it starts with “W”..
    I think you should rename it to start with two or three “A”‘s .. (i.e., Aaaa, What’s On My PC?) so it can go first.

    I have been doing this (computers) a while now (since 56k modems) and I have watched the Tech magazines and “hot” Tech websites come and go..
    At my present stage in life, my Daily Must Read’s has been honed down to only the best; and I now can count them without using all the fingers of one hand. You are one.

    I has been my distinct pleasure and privilege to read your writings, and to point others to them from time to time.


  2. Rick,

    Wonderful news – congratulations are in order!

    As a fellow blogger, I often have the opportunity to publish guest articles (not all of which I accept), and I must tell you, that when I publish a guest article from you, they are always a great hit. That speaks to the high quality of your writing, and your topic choice.

    Little wonder then, that you have been selected for this prestigious award. Couldn’t have happened to anyone more deserving.



  3. Just got around to reading this post. Being an IT Manager and instructor of young IT professionals, blogging is hard – however your blog makes teaching easier. Your ability to articulate and find software that is truly useful is above reproach. Your willingness to share your skills is a part of making these students successful and WhatsOnMyPC is truly a learning tool. Keep up the great work.



    1. Steve,

      Coming from you at TTC Shelbyville definitely keeps my batteries charged. I truly love this stuff and actually get excited about it. Thank you very much for your kind and encouraging comments.



  4. congrats Rick, it always warms my heart when I hear about tech bloggers like yourself that have proven to offer such top-notch quality content receiving such a prestigious award. 🙂


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