Convert Adobe PDF to Microsoft Word

I recently attended a day long seminar on emergency management for my current job and the instructor was displaying various forms and documents in the Adobe PDF file format that was available for our use.  The instructor went on to say that it is too bad there is not a way to make those PDF forms and documents editable.  I wanted to jump right out of my chair; however, I did not want to embarass my colleagues who  already think I’m an overclocked CPU.  Folks, there are numerous converters available on the internet that will convert PDF files to the Microsoft Word format.  One such site is Convert PDF to


To make the conversion you simply browse for the file you desire to convert, then hit the convert and download button. During my testing, the converter took the PDF file and converted it into blocks of text.  As with any document converter, there may be slight differences in the formatting.  For example, documents containing tables can be hard to get a really good final result; BUT, hey whose complaining.  These converters do a pretty good job!


Convert PDF to, is part of a larger scheme of converters, that are reflected below for your convenience:

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