Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#51)

The content presented by the authors of each of the articles below are examples of dedication, pride and commitment.  Each week What’s On My PC posts random articles, called Geek Squeaks’,  that have been crafted by the authors who are members of the What’s On My PC blogroll community… If your blood runs thick with the information technology and you need a daily fix, then check out these blogs.


Ninite : Easily Install Multiple Free Windows Apps in One Go

TTC Shelbyville
Put Your Computer to Sleep With Sonar

I Love Free Software
EtherPad: Collaborate in Real Time on Word Documents

Worthy Tips
Gmail now let you fetch POP accounts instantly & easily

TuneUp Blog about Windows
Myth Busted: Why Disabling SuperFetch
on Vista and Windows 7 Is a Bad Idea

WP Xpert
Intense Debate Is Now Enabled

Flickr Pro Account: Features and Review

Canadian Tech Blogger
Opera 10.5 Released To Windows Users

Internet Security Blog
Protect, Hide, Store and Send Files Secretly Under EXE Cover

Free PC Security
Threatfire Test with MSE and Avast 5

Trojan Pretends to Be Microsoft Security Suite

Tech-for Everyone
This Reader Question Is A Doozie
Best sync and backup routines guidelines

Manually Refresh POP Mail Fetching in Gmail

Crazy World of G
Export This Part 3

AKS-Feel The Change
Lock Keyboard and Mouse Buttons with Kid Key Lock

Carol’s Vault
PowerPoint to Video Converter
How to Remove Security Essentials 2010

Plato Press
Baby Starves While Parents Tend to Virtual Child

Evilfantasy’s Blog
Unlocker 1.8.9

Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts
Your Car is a Connected Device and Ford’s Security Hits the Road

Right On Technology
Google Introduces Starred Results Feature

thePC Security
Control Internet Traffic Bandwidth Used
by Different Programs with NetBalancer

What’s On My PC
John’s Background Switcher


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11 thoughts on “Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#51)

Add yours

  1. I sometime wonder how a people that much consistent. You consistently choosing quality content from the first day of Geek Squeaks and interestingly the list look immortal. One day we all die but the content we creating today will remind others about us in future. That’s why I love blogging.


    1. Arafat,

      I never thought of that before… You are right; our blogs is a written record that will be archived. Can you imagine what the future will be like, after we are gone?



  2. Damn – I’m almost early to the party LOL

    Many thanks for the inclusion among so many superb writers. The talent is outstanding and no matter what level of experience a user has there is something for everyone.

    It’s a constant learning curve for all as technology changes and we change with it – but I don’t think the androids are ready to replace us just yet 🙂

    Follow the links everyone and learn something new.


    1. Colin,

      You made it to the party in time this week (LOL)… Glad to see you here! There is definitely a continual learning curve. I think that is why people like all of us enjoy following and learning the technology trends. It is actually pretty exciting to be part of it.



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