A Very Cool Web App to Search for Flickr Photos

One of the functions that I serve in my Church is that of the Multimedia Director, with the primary responsibility of preparing and building hymn and sermon slides that provide a visual experience to the congregation. The toughest part of the building process, which often consists of 50 or more slides, is locating resources for graphics, photos, and backgrounds that will coincide with a particular hymn or sermon message.

Today I hit a goldmine of a site (that will assist me with locating graphic content) that is not only visually appealing, but is (in my opinion) one of the coolest flash web sites out there.  It is called Tag Galaxy

Tag Galaxy is an Adobe Flash based (3D) – 3 Dimensional web site that allows you search Flickr (online photo management and sharing website) for graphic content.


Here’s how it works…  Visit Tag Galaxy [ Here ] .  Enter the type of graphic you are looking for (where it says “enter initial tag”) and click on “Go”.  For example, I entered in the word “Praise”.  The site will magically evolve into a galaxy of other relevant tags (or planets).


In my case I clicked on the “Praise” planet and the site again evolves into a sphere (or globe) that is composed of the photos it finds on Flickr.  You can rotate the sphere (or globe) by holding down your left mouse button and using your mouse pointer.  You can select individual photos on the sphere (or globe) by clicking on them with your mouse pointer or you can reload the sphere (or globe) with more photos by clicking on the arrows at the top of the page.  Using your scroll wheel on your mouse you can zoom in and out on the sphere.



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5 thoughts on “A Very Cool Web App to Search for Flickr Photos

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  1. Bill,

    This is a big help to me in finding good quality images and is FUN!…

    I think I may be drinking some of that Scotch of yours’… Just corrected a boat load of typos in the post : )



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