A Really Nice Text to Speech Application

As a blogger, it is important to convey the written word in a manner that is easily understood.  One tool that I use to proofread my blog posts (read them back to me), is an application called SpeechPlayer Free Edition.

SpeechPlayer Free Edition

SpeechPlayer Free Edition is a player that will read screen text aloud to you; whether it be a webpage, an email, a blog post, a school paper, etc… You simply highlight the text you want read and copy it to the clipboard.  SpeechPlayer will detect this action and will automatically begin reading the text back to you. The “cool factor” with SpeechPlayer is that it not only reads the text back to you, it also displays the text at the bottom of your computer screen (like closed captioning).  This text-to-speech application is one of the better ones that I have experienced.


Versatile clipboard text reader

Copy and speak

Large TV-like closed captioning

Closed Captioning

Minimalist user interface

Tray iconYou can control the main functions of SpeechPlayer right from the Windows tray!

Convenient mini player

Mini player




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3 thoughts on “A Really Nice Text to Speech Application

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  1. Rick,

    I have some experience with this type of application, and after running this one, I give it an “A”. I found it particularly good at testing my punctuation.

    Will highlight this in my tomorrows Net News column.

    Thanks for this – great find!



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