An Online Mobile Phone Emulator (try before you buy)

Buying a mobile phone is one of those costly decision-making processes that will either make you or break you. If you are not prepared (and educated) you could ultimately end up in a contract situation with a carrier for a 2 year period with a phone you ultimately are not satisfied with. Personally, I am no expert when it comes to mobile phones; however, it is in my opinion, a lock in for a 2 year period of time, with a phone being used as bait, just does not sound too good to me (from the bargaining standpoint).

One thing I do know about mobile phones is that today they are a member of the information technology family (as a form of an electronic medium) and as with any member of that family you have to do your homework in order to educate yourself and bring yourself up to speed.

Now the beauty of today’s internet is that you can access information on just about everything, including mobile phones. The real beauty though is that today’s internet is evolving into a virtual world (with interactive content) that in essence allows you to manipulate and animate from your chair using a web browser. Once such instance of this technology is a web site called TryPhone.


TryPhone is an online interactive (virtual) web site that emulates various models of mobile phones and gives you the ability to actually take them for a test drive (for free). You can also do “side-by-side” comparisons, watch demos, etc…  Remember educate yourself, prior to buying any electronics, AND TryPhone is one way to help educate yourself about mobile phones.  TryPhone is currently in beta (the testing stage).

TryPhone gives you the ability to try before you buy. Use our fully interactive online virtual handsets to test-drive mobile devices, applications, content and services, as well as watch demos – right from the comfort and convenience of your own computer. No pressure, no salespeople, no product uncertainty and no features you don’t understand. Try it, then go buy it… on your terms.


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5 thoughts on “An Online Mobile Phone Emulator (try before you buy)

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  1. You have done it again, my Magellan-of-the-Internet friend. Salute!

    It really is beginning to be true, isn’t it? If you can think of it, it’s already online.. Amazing.


  2. Kind of like this! What would be even better is if you could get a demo phone for 2 days because oftewn you THINK you like it till you actually FEEL it in your hands and see how it works over a couple of days…


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