A Simple Easy-To-Use Password Vault

What I have found, as a result of following the software circuit, is that oftentimes software (during its’ lifespan) can end up being over developed and bloated.  As a result, the end user becomes frustrated and drops the software in search for something more understandable and simpler. I have found that to be the case with many of the software applications that serve as password managers.

S10 Password Vault iconRecently, I was looking for an easy-to-use application to store my usernames and passwords and came across S10 Password Vault. Initially I was skeptical, due I had never heard of this application; however, after a test run I knew I was onto something good.

S10 Password Vault is FREE for personal use, can be run as a PORTABLE APP or a FULL INSTALL, is small in windows size, is  not cumbersome, will autotype the usernames and passwords for you, and will generate random passwords if need be. The really “cool factor” to this password vault is that it will work with any program (that requires a username and password) and not just web site accounts. Another thing I found, that I was in search for is, I can use it as a bookmark manager and program launcher, as well (even though it is touted as a password vault). This is especially useful on my flash drive. I commend the author, Sten Herlitz, for developing a really nice (easy-to-use) password vault that is feature enriched and developed with the end user in mind.

Master Password Screen

Create Master Password

Folder Hierarchy Example

Folder/Account Hierarchy

Account Editor

Edit Account

Features of S10 Password Vault:

Customizable folder/account hierarchy

Launching of websites and programs

Autotypes info in websites and programs

Account matching via window titles

Custom account information fields

Drag-and-drop support

System tray icon showing lock state

Quick unlock using partial password

Auto-start when Windows starts

Print capability and “View All” mode

Export URLs to browser Favorites

Compact program (647KB download)

Highly secure 256-bit AES encryption

Single file protected by master password

Optional key file on USB drive

Strong password generation

Foils malicious keyboard loggers

Auto-lock timeout and automatic file backup

Secure synchronization between PCs

Secure folder sharing with other users

A portable version runs on USB drive

Digitally signed – no spyware/adware

No browser plugins or toolbars

Central configuration for businesses


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2 thoughts on “A Simple Easy-To-Use Password Vault

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I am usually skeptical when it comes to password applications also, but this seems secure. These days a password vault is necessary since there so many accounts to keep track of—I think I’ll give this one a try.


  2. Tune Up,

    Been testing and using this… One thing I had noticed with the portable version is that if you unzip the portable version on your PC and run it; the data file it creates to store your passwords etc, will end up in your documents folder. However, if you unzip and run it from your flash drive, it will create the data file on the flashdrive. I have contacted the author about this. To remedy, just move the datafile to wherever you want it and tell S10 Password vault where it is…



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