A Fantastic FREE 3D Online Chess Game

If you are an avid chess player, then you will appreciate SparkChess (flashChess III).


The “cool factor” here is that you do not need to install any software to play this 3D online chess game. SparkChess (flashChess III) is a cloud application, meaning the game can be played straight from your web browser. This cloud app is Adobe Flash Player based, is very attractive in appearance and really serves one goal; AND, that is to make you a better chess player. Even if you do not play chess, I encourage you to visit SparkChess (flashChess III) to get a good look at how interactive applications, such as SparkChess, will look like as we continue to evolve in the direction of cloud based computing.

To play SparkChess (flashChess III), click [ HERE ] .


To visit the main web site of SparkChess (flashChess III), click [HERE]. Please Note this upcoming change, as reflected on the web site:  Same game, new name – we’re rebranding: with the next release, flashCHESS will be known as SparkChess. You’ll still be able to play from either domain – SparkChess.com and flashCHESS3.com


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  1. Wow,thank you for writing such an informative post. I have been readingyour blog for a last few days and enjoy the quality of your posts. It makes me want to start blogging myself. Do you have any tips for someone fairly new to the blogging world?


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