Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#54)

Each week, What’s On My PC, features recent (within the past 7 days) links to articles that are authored by the blog owners who are associated with the What’s On My PC blogroll community (at the sidebar of the blog).  If you are someone who has that special obsession for computers and information technology, I highly encourage you to bookmark these blogs and make Geek Squeaks’ part of your weekly routine.


Tech-for Everyone
How To Get Free Tax-prep Programs & e-Filing

Free PC Security
Malicious Sites March 30

LifeLock Settles FTC Charges For $12 Million
Are we going to shed most of software?

Don’t Forget to Sign That Tax Return and 9 Other Common Tax Mistakes to Avoid

Carol’s Vault
ZeuAPP: 82 free and open source applications with one click
How to Remove Control Components

Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts
Download Free LiberKey – Installs 180+ Portable Applications

Right On Technology
Apple iPhone HD on AT&T and Verizon this summer?

Disable Startup – Free Startup Manager and Monitoring Software

Carputer’s News and Computer Tips
Free Websites Reloaded

TTC Shelbyville
Cable Messes and Awesome Data Centers

I Love Free Software
ContactOffice – Free Virtual Office To Manage Your Business

Worthy Tips
Some Best Free Video Editing Software

Canadian Tech News
Have you heard of Duck Duck Go (search engine)?

Technogran’s Tittle Tattle
Windows Live, stats and nostalgia

TuneUp Blog About Windows
Can a “Secret” CPU Setting Really Improve Boot-up Time?

Plato Press
10 Things You Should Know About Digicam Memory Cards

What’s On My PC
The easy way to print filenames in folders…


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6 thoughts on “Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#54)

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  1. It’s always thrill me to write something good each week to keep my position on Geek Squeaks. Last week was my busy day in offline, hope this week will be good for me in online. 🙂 As always thanks for listing my article along with some exceptional writer’s article.



  2. Wednesday? Again? Sigh…

    A tip of my geek hat to you for providing these links to a free education .. for those who wish to learn a bit more about the tech they use everyday – a fantastic compilation.


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