As a Blogger, Pay It Back Twofold

I have been blogging since July 2008 and enjoy it very much; even though there are times my “blogger batteries” start to discharge.  It is truly hard work; however, I look at it as a form of exercise in the mental sense (similar to a daily physical workout).

The rewards from blogging are many…  You keep those brain cells refreshed, your writing improves, recognition will come your way, your knowledgebase expands, you develop a sense that you are doing something that will help someone else; AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY you meet people that I can only describe as being awesome.

I do not know how it is with other people that blog on other topics of interest; BUT, what I have found with Tech Bloggers it that it is a very unique group of people.  That old saying “birds of a feather flock together” describes perfectly the group of bloggers I have been associated with.

When a fellow Tech Blogger gives you recognition, I have a blogger’s policy that I follow, and that is to “pay it back, twofold”.  Recently one of the blogs I am associated with, called “Ask A Tech Teacher” posted text from one of my articles and and a link back to What’s On My PC.  Many bloggers look at link backs as a way to generate traffic to the blog (which it is); but, I look at it in a whole different light.  I made a connection with someone!


image I started digging deep into the blog, Ask A Tech Teacher, and what I experienced was a vast amount (and array) of information that can really help those that are in need of a real teacher of computers and information technology. The author of the blog has been been a tech teacher for 15 years and it really shows.  To all my readers and new visitors, Ask A Tech Teacher is one site to bookmark and frequently visit. I will guarantee you that you will learn something that you did not know.

Oh, by the way, if you are interested in becoming a blogger, I encourage you to use… Everything you need to get started is there and you do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out; plus, there is always someone out there that will help.


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15 thoughts on “As a Blogger, Pay It Back Twofold

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  1. Amen to this Rick!
    I also believe in your policy ‘to “pay it back, twofold”.’ And since you advise that we subscribe to
    AskaTechTeacher, I’ll surely do that. More power to


  2. Thanks for this, Ramblinrick. You’re right about the community. As a teacher, I have to be careful of the websites/blogs I recommend. I always get great feedback from parents on your insight and clarity. Keep it coming!


  3. Hello, I am 34 and a third year computer science student. I created my blog to share my knowledge. Check out Leave a comment, my blog is new.


  4. I completely agree! I have been blogging for several years in an effort to increase my standard of writing and contribute much of my progress to the blog, Ask a Tech Teacher. The author is quite talented and generous in her advice. I recommend her blog to anyone who is a self-starter in the blogging or writing world, or anyone who simply wants to be a better communicator. Bravo!


  5. Amen!
    I am so glad that you “pay it back two-fold.”
    I “love” all the bloggers that I read, even when I don’t agree.
    It is a great network to work with and in.
    Too often I am lurker out there. I secretly view and enjoy so many other blogs, but rarely comment on one. When I am really busy, also, I don’t even have time to write a blog to say how much I enjoyed a post, that I agree or disagree, and how others need to look at that post.
    I apologize to all the excellent bloggers out there.
    I will make an effort to not lurk so much and participate and encourage.
    You are very correct in saying there are other people out there who will help you with your blog setup, etc. That was very true when I got started.
    So let’s all not be shy, and “pay it back twofold.”


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