Another FREE Online Storage Solution

I am pretty picky when it comes to FREE online file storage.  Currently I am using LiveMesh (5 GB), SkyDrive (25 GB); and, my Gmail account (7GB) with a software client called Backup To Email, to meet my online storage needs. Today I just added another option, called CloudDrive, which is client software for the Adobe Acrobat Online Storage Service (5 GB). With this new addition, I now have a total of 42 GB’s of FREE online space, from well known sources, to play around with.  Not too shabby for FREE.


To use CloudDrive, the first thing you need to do is subscribe to an account at the Adobe Acrobat Online Storage Service. After you have your account setup, download and install CloudDrive. Once CloudDrive is installed, the following will occur:

When you start up CloudDrive, it will ask you to input your registered email and password on Adobe Acrobat Free Online Storage Service to login.

After that, your mailbox will receive an email from acrobat. You MUST confirm your email by clicking the link in the email.

Now input your registered email and password in the login form and start to experience CloudDrive!

login pic

When the first time you logged in, probably there are already several files in CloudDrive window; All of them are Acrobat’s ads, you can delete them all.

CloudDrive has an easy to use interface that gives you the ability to upload/download multiple files. You can either drag and drop the files or use the upload/download buttons that are build into CloudDrive.  Of any of the FREE online services I use, the CloudDrive client (with the Adobe Acrobat Online Storage Services) appears to be the fastest (in terms of upload/download speed); however, it did seem a little buggy at times.

main window

In the end, CloudDrive is a welcome addition to meeting my online file storage needs and is a keeper. This is another app that I see as serving a good purpose and will improve in time.

In closing, one point I would like to make about online storage. Any files that I store online, I encrypt the file(s) before I upload them. This provides an added level of protection  An easy to use application to accomplish that task, on-the-fly, is Axcrypt. Use Axcrypt to encrypt the file as an .exe file, before you upload it. This option gives you the ability to download, open and decrypt the file from any location (without the Axcrypt software).


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12 thoughts on “Another FREE Online Storage Solution

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    1. Mrinmay,

      Thanks for sharing this… Just left Cappydawg a reply with you included. You don’t know if adrive has a client you can download to access the service without having to open the web interface?




  1. Rick,
    I would like to add emphasis for your readers to pay attention to your closing caveat inre: online storage. You are loading your files onto someone else’s machines, someone you don’t really know (or know how their protection is configured). Using encryption before you upload files that contain PII (personally identifying information) is a very, very smart thing to do.


    1. TechPaul,

      I like how you perfectly described this by stating “you are loading your files on someone else’s machines”… I am very careful as to what I am storing out there. The encryption is especially important if for some reason the online storage service goes belly up, etc…

      Thanks for your expertise on this. Always appreciated.

      Ramblin’ Rick


  2. Hi Rick,
    Thanks for the extra storage post, I too like having online storage. One other you might want to check out is You get 50gb for free. And encrypting your files is good advice. We always need those ‘layers’ of security. Very nice article, thanks again for writing it.


    1. Cappydawg,

      I just realized, thanks to you and Mrinmay, I have an account with adrive… I just haven’t been using it. Right now I’m exploring its’ options, etc… I’m hoping it has a client interface of some type. Thanks for sharing this…


    1. Brad,

      Dropbox I’m familiar with, unbuntu will check it out… You’re correct about GMail; however, with the Backup to Email client software, I have found it to be one of my favorite methods to store files. It just shows up in my Gmail box as an attachment. Hmmm… Got me thinking about the Google Doc’s scenario and wondering if there is a desktop client to upload/download from there. I do know Gladinet may be an option for that; however, for whatever reasons I could never get it to work with Google Docs. Gladinet works with SkyDrive, which is what I use in that scenario.



  3. I have a long story about onlinestoragesolution-dot-com. I was disappointed with the look of their admin web interface from day one (cause I thought it was a bad sign), but I decided not to panic because their FTP service looked as it’s working fine, and that’s what I needed for my planned automated backups.

    I haven’t had the time to set that up during the first month, but when I finally did, that service never worked well for me: service unavailable for hours, large-file ftp process fails at the end because something on their end deletes the temporary file and it can’t be renamed, files successfully uploaded were disappearing (occasionally but frequently enough for me to notice).

    So, unavailability and intact data is what we all want. They are deleting files, and I’m sure of this.

    I decided that I cannot rely on this service, and I tried to ask for a refund over email. That email conversation lasted almost 3 months, where that Chris character started to distract me from my original demand by trying to resolve technical issues that I have. During that time, the service was working and not working, and files were still being deleted. The refund check was finally promised to me, but I never received it. When I asked for the status a few weeks later, somebody else responded, and the process of troubleshooting restarted: it took another few weeks to get to the “check will be mailed to you today” promise. Of course, the check never arrived. Now, every time I ask for the status, I don’t get any reply.

    I decided to work on exposing this scam, so I created site. You’ll notice that there I don’t mention any other competitive service, so the site is there only to bash on the online-storage-solution-dot-com – to tell everyone to stay away from it. Please promote – we have to stop Chris from making money. I don’t have the resources and time to go after him legally (even PayPal and my credit-card bank refused to help me, when I requested chargeback), but this website is what I can do.


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