Yet Another FREE Online Storage Solution

Just recently I posted an article [HERE] about online storage which featured the likes of LiveMesh (5 GB), SkyDrive (25 GB), Gmail account (7GB) with a software client called Backup To Email; AND others recommended Dropbox (2 GB) and ADrive (50 GB).  Total of all of this is: 89 GB

Following the posting of that article, my delayed thought process kicked in and I remembered yet another FREE online storage solution called GoAruna.


What is unique about GoAruna, and I don’t think it has totally caught on yet, is that they offer FREE “unlimited” online file storage.  Now, unlimited to me means infinity; however where the wall is with this, I do not know.


I did find in the terms under Abuse and excessive use.

Each GoAruna free account is meant for normal personal use by one person. Accounts abusing the privilege and our service by trying to distribute content, (especially illegal and copyright protected content) to the masses, will be terminated or blocked without notice.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, the one main feature that I liked about GoAruna is their desktop client that you download, install and manage your file transactions right from your computer.  The client file management software allows you to manage batch transfers, setup shares to files, send to a mail recipients, delete, rename, move, copy, and create new folders.


Overall, in my testing, the upload/download process, in terms of speed, was comparable to the other online file storage services and the desktop app is pretty easy to use and understand. You can also access your GoAruna account and files online, as well; which makes it easy to grab files you need when you are somewhere else.  So if you are looking for another online storage option, you may want to check out GoAruna.

Again, in closing, I want to emphasize, that when you store files online (in the cloud), you are putting your trust in the hands of the services which you are dealing with.  Encrypting your files is definitely a plus (and a must in my opinion).


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