WeatherBar for Windows 7

So many different ways to track the weather on the internet these days. I came across a simplistic app, called WeatherBar, that integrates with the Windows 7 taskbar to show the weather at a specific location. Just download, unzip to a folder of your choice, and run the WeatherBar executable. Windows 7 and an internet connection is required.

WeatherBar is an application that lets you use the Windows 7 taskbar to display the weather condiitons in the application icon.  instead of constantly switching to the desktop to take a peek at the pinned gadget, the user can simply take a look at the taskbar, or right-click on the application icon to read the forecast.

To change the settings in WeatherBar, click on the “gear” (see below) to change the update interval and whether you want the weather displayed in the metric or imperial formats. To set your location, click on the “pencil” (see below) and enter your zip code.




You can get WeatherBar [ Here ]

If you are looking for a full blown weather tracking app, check out WeatherPulse [ Here ] .


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