FREE Windows 7 Themes

Incorporated into Windows 7 is a very nice personalization feature that allows you to customize and apply themes. With themes you can easily change the visual and sound schemes on your PC.  In a nutshell, a theme includes a desktop background, a window color, sounds, and a screen saver.

Themes are a combination of pictures, colors, and sounds on your computer. It includes a desktop background, a screen saver, a window border color, and a sound scheme. Some themes might also include desktop icons and mouse pointers.

The neat thing about Windows 7 you can download new themes and then individually change a theme’s pictures, color, and sounds to meet your own personal tastes. To personalize your Windows 7,  right mouse click on your Windows 7 desktop and select personalize. You will then be presented with a window where you can manage; and “Change the visuals and sounds on your computer”.



Where is a good source for Windows 7 themes?

One of the best sources I have come across is directly from Microsoft’s own Personalization Gallery [ HERE ] where there are numerous theme packs available.

To use one the themes from the Personalization Gallery, simply select a theme, click download, and then open. The theme will then be applied to your desktop and added to the Personalization controls in the Control Panel.  Again, to get to those controls, follow the steps above.

Also, while you are at Microsoft’s Personalization Gallery, note that there are also tab options available to download desktop backgrounds (or wallpapers), desktop gadgets and sideshow gadgets.  All for FREE…


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3 thoughts on “FREE Windows 7 Themes

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  1. Absolutely spot on article, Rick.

    It kind of tickles me a bit.. I am quite happy with the modernizations Vista, and now Win7, have allowed over the bare hill of Windows XP (as well as the sidebar/’widgets’) but the Theme I have been asked to apply most is… Windows Classic.


  2. TechPaul,

    That does not surprise me (in regards to Windows Classic being the theme of choice). Many folks do not like change; especially when it comes to the beloved computer. Raining on the east coast…



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