A Control Pad for your Netbook (or Notebook)

If you are a netbook or notebook computer owner, you well know that navigating the keyboard and touchpad can be a challenge at times; especially when it comes to launching your applications from the Windows Start Menu.

One solution that I use on my Netbook to launch my programs is a software application called ControlPad. If you are a follower of the blog you may remember the article “Using your numeric keypad as a launcher…” that introduced ControlPad and its’ features.


ControlPad is an app that is primarily designed to use the numeric keypad on your computer to launch applications or execute Windows commands. Of course on a netbook (or notebook PC) using the numeric keypad often results in an act of clumsiness. The solution, however, is built right into ControlPad. You can go into the options settings and enable Laptop Mode where you hit the F12 key prior to launching your preconfigured commands.

What I have found with ControlPad is that you are not limited to using just numbers.You can use text as well. For example on my netbook to launch Google Chrome, I have ControlPad configured  where I hit “F12”, then type Chrome.

ControlPad is a very cool application, with sound effects, that is designed for the techies like myself.  The more you fiddle with it, the more you will like it.  A portable version is available, as well.


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