Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#59)

Have you ever noticed that the world of information technology and computers is forever changing?  If you are looking for a way to keep up; then you need to book mark these sites.  Each week What’s On My PC features random (recently posted) articles (called Geek  Squeaks’) from the members of the What’s On My PC blogroll.


Internet Security Blog
Delete, Remove Virus, Malware with Norton Power Eraser Free

Canadian Tech Blogger
Free Computer (Windows) Starter Kit

TuneUp Blog about Windows
The All-in-One Configuration Tool: Windows 7’s “God Mode”

Technogran’s Tittle Tattle
Decisions decisions, which one do I choose?

Worthy Tips
BizCardCreator: Create professional looking business card absolutely free

Netbook Freeware
doPDF: Best Free PDF Creator for Netbook

I Love Free Software
5 Free Post It Notes Software

404 Tech Support
Where to Ask Your Tech Questions?

TTC Shelbyville
Create Your Own Wi-Fi Hotspot

F.lux : Change Your Screen Brightness by Time of Day

Free PC Security
GeSWall Intrusion Prevention

Tech-for Everyone
How are you? (From: Sgt. Edmond Baker)
Best and worse computing advice – readers’ choice

Repurpose a Hanger to Tidy Long Cables

Crazy World of G

thePC Security
Computer Security Tools Download- 4 Free Tools from Microsoft

Right On Technology
FCC Details New Broadband Regulation Plan

Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts
Internet: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Evil Fantasy’s Blog
Download Internet Explorer 8 Optimized for Bing
How to Remove Data Protection

What’s On My PC
The Ultimate Clock for your Windows Desktop


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13 thoughts on “Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#59)

Add yours

  1. Rick,

    I’ve been putting off my afternoon nap, just waiting for this to go up. lol

    Paul will be very happy to see this. You’ve done another good turn, for a fellow blogger.

    Very cool.



  2. Hi Rick and fellow geeksters 🙂

    Apologies for not passing by sooner, family issues took precedent.

    A wonderful roundup Rick and many thanks for the inclusion and as always, there is something for everyone and readers really should click the links and explore further and pick up some tips ‘n’ tricks from those who know about them.


  3. Rick,

    I never fail to be astonished by the lack of courtesy shown by certain of the people you feature in you weekly Geek Squeeks’.

    What’s wrong with these people, that they can’t say “Thanks”.

    This lack of courtesy, is a reflection of their lack of professionalism.

    They have little understanding of strategic alliances, synergy, or in fact, how the Internet and building relationships and readership, really works.

    To them, business is just a word – not an educated concept.

    My advice to you: get rid of these people, and focus instead on those people who are appreciative. Build closer and stronger alliances with them – they count. Don’t continue to waste your time with rude underachievers.

    There are a many, many, Bloggers, who would truly appreciate an opportunity to be featured in Geek Squeeks’.

    Pull the plug on these ungrateful jerks.

    If you are one of those ungrateful jerks, and you want to argue this with me – I look forward to it.

    We’ll see how THAT goes!



    1. Bill,

      As I continue forward in my life’s journey, I find that people (in general) are becoming less courteous toward each other. It is all about them! The thing with me though is I’m one of those weird ducks (always have been) is that I always forward kindness no matter if it is about them; with the hope that just maybe they’ll get it. Thank you for having my back… Very uncommon these days.



  4. Hey Rick,

    I can see where Bill is coming from and also understand your point of view.

    It is sad that courtesy is lacking as much online as it does in the real world – saying thank you is free and only takes a few minutes but more importantly, it acknowledges the recognition in this instance, that writers have been accorded.

    Comments are important as is spreading the word, it’s a two way thing but in some instances the lack of any form of gratitude makes it a one way thing.

    A simple thank you acknowledges the efforts that YOU have made in putting this superb list together, and like many, I am proud to be included and also like to say so.


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