Make a Custom Themed Google Home Page

I am sure all of you have used the Google search engine. As a matter of fact, when I setup a PC, It is not uncommon for me to set the browser homepage to Google. This makes for an excellent and an easy launching point for the user.  The only problem with doing this is that the Google search engine page is not the most attractive page out there.


A solution to making the Google search engine page an attractive interface is to use Favoorit.  With Favoorit you can:

– Find or create your theme
– Add your favorite Websites
– Set it as your homepage
– Enjoy your cutom homepage
– Share it with your friends
– Move the Google search box with your mouse

Here’s how it works:

Visit the Favoorit website.

Select (click on) a background image (or theme). You can even use your own images.

Once the theme loads in your browser,  click on “set as homepage”.

You can change the theme as many times as you want by visiting Favoorit and following the steps outlined above. At the top left corner of the Favoorit page you can also add some of your favorites (most used) sites.


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5 thoughts on “Make a Custom Themed Google Home Page

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  1. I use iGoogle all the time. And my theme is theme of the day.

    I have the google reader widget, gmail, gchat, and weather :).


  2. Hey Rick, Every post you make, there are the “Stumble IT”, post to Jaanix, bookmark it, etc. links at the bottom. Are they done via a template in WordPress or do you write your articles in Word before posting them on the cloud?


    1. Adrian,

      I use Windows Live Writer to draft my posts. I paste the “Stumble IT”, post to Jaanix, bookmark button, etc… at the bottom of each article I compose. You can get the buttons and any coding at StumbleUpon and the bookmark button at… Hope this is helpful.



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