A Super Downloadable Collection of Windows 7 Shortcuts

Here is something that I really, really liked that is a nice addition to my flash drive and to my Windows 7 computer… The web site “7Tutorials” has put out there a downloadable compilation of over 100 Windows 7 shortcuts. The shortcuts have been organized into folders, in such a manner, that you can readily find what you may be looking for very quickly; faster than all the clicks you would typically make using the Start Menu; faster than the time it takes to remember where it is and what it is you are looking for…


I love stuff like this and wonder why I did not think of doing something like this myself. The “cool factor” to this is that I can add to, and even customize this (with other techie shortcuts). For example, I have added the “Windows 7 God Mode” folder (with shortcuts) to this collection on my PC (don’t know how it would work from the flash drive on another PC)”.

Another tool for that tech toolbox… The shortcuts are bundled in a zip file and can be downloaded from [ HERE ]. You will find the download link at the bottom of the 7Tutorials web page.


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