Common Sense – You Cannot Install This

Of all of the layers of security software that I have installed on my PC, common sense is not engineered in any of them. That layer of protection is up to you…

Common Sense – You can not install this… I have found that if your gut says “beware”; then follow your gut. Also, I am not an advocate of social sites, porn sites, pirating sites, etc…. If it is something that violates morality; believe me, you will be victimized. “Where the people gather, the cybercriminals prey”. Please use common sense!

I was reminded of that statement by the author of Plato Press. I did not even realize I had written it; but somehow it must have stuck and it sure looked good (to me) when I read it as a quote, over a year later after I had drafted the article “FREE Layers of Protection”. Really made my day when a fellow blogger threw that back at me. Thank you Plato Press


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10 thoughts on “Common Sense – You Cannot Install This

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  1. Yep. The saying around my office is “I can’t fix stupid.” or “I shouldn’t have to code around stupidity.”

    Job security and career frustration all in one convenient package. Somebody should have paid a little extra and sprung for getting the common sense module installed too.


  2. Sadly, common sense and gut instinct is lost on many users who fall for the simplest scams and fake programs.

    As with the majority of computer problems, the bulk are down to the end user who, in most cases, fall for the scams without thinking of the consequences.

    There are many sites I would never advocate the use of, but there are also many users who use these sites along with the criminals who are waiting to fleece them of their hard earned cash.

    Great article Rick, along with common sense and gut instinct add ‘if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!’


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