Chain Emails – Your Urban Legend Resource

When it comes to chain emails, I can spot the false ones the second I receive them. As a matter of fact, it is pretty easy to do. They are all false and/or are a mixture of what I call “hybrid truths” (partial truths). The solution; read them, research them, and then delete them. During wars it was not uncommon for planes to fly over enemy territory and drop leaflets of propaganda as a form of psychological warfare to influence a population’s way of thinking or to incite fear. Chain emails is just the modern version of airborne leaflet propaganda that is predominantly littered with wishful lies and maligned thoughts. You have heard it here before, “believe nothing and verify everything”.

For example, I received this in my inbox of Sarah Palin sporting her patriotism, showing up at a redneck shooting range to demonstrate her ability to pick off Yahoo email hackers at a hundred yards. Is this true? If it is, I’m voting for her…

Not pictured: genuine ridiculousness

To keep you up to date on the hottest urban legends that you will typically see circulating, check out Snopes – 25 Hottest Urban Legends and you will particularly like Snopes – What’s New.


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  1. Rick,
    Excellent advice on chain emails. I think people tend to place credence in these emails partly because they’re bought-in to the “if it came out of a computer it must be genuine” syndrome we’ve all experienced ever since computers started spewing data on paper. However we in the business know of another axiom, which trumps it…”garbage in, garbage out”. Thanks for the great article.


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