FREE Utility to Manage Your Drives

If you are someone, like myself, and manage many different types of drives on your computer (e.g. external hard drives, flash drives, cd/dvd drives, memory card drives, etc…) then you may want to take a look at the utility called Drive Manager.

Drive Manager

Drive Manager is a very helpful program that will display every available drive on your computer system, the free space available on each drive and whether the drives are mounted or not.  If you are someone that moves from PC to PC, there is a portable version, as well.  I currently use this application to get an immediate summary of the drive space available on all of my drives.  Great little app for FREE!


  • % Free column.
  • Hard disk serial number
  • CD ROM Doors open + close.
  • Lock / Unlock CD ROM / DVD drives.
  • Not mounted drives listed in grey with disks not inserted.
  • Time and date.
  • Map / Disconnect network drives.
  • Hide / Unhide drives from explorer.
  • See drives which are hidden.
  • Drive properties dialog on right click.
  • Create / Remove a substitute drive letter for a local folder.
  • Hidden drives displayed in blue.
  • Launch Windows Search
  • Drives with less than 5% available are displayed in red.
  • Vendor details: Vendor Name, Product Id, Revision, Vendor Spec


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2 thoughts on “FREE Utility to Manage Your Drives

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  1. I’m going to check this out. As a self professed drive junkie, this will more than likely be a very useful piece of software. I have been toying with the idea of creating drive letters for folders as well so I guess this gives me the excuse to take the plunge.

    Is it p/w protected to open the program? I guess I can always use the portable version and axcrypt it if not.


    1. G,

      “Drive Junkie”… Same here (LOL)! No password protection that I know of; However, you can hide the drives. Once you select the drive to hide in Drive Manager, you will be prompted to perform a reboot. The drive will then be hidden in Windows; however, visible in Drive Manager.



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