Tech-for Everyone – The One Million Mark

Tech Paul, the genius behind the blog called Tech-for Everyone, just surpassed the one million mark for visitors. This is a major accomplishment for a blogger. I personally offer my congratulations!

Tech-for Everyone

To my visitors, please bookmark and visit Tech Paul’s site [ HERE ] as a show of continued support. I communicate on a daily visit with this man and I can tell you he is a class act. His blog is a secondary job (that he receives no compensation for) to his primary profession of being a CompTIA Certified Computer Tech for his private owned business called Aplus Computer Aid.

APlus Computer Aid

Not only am I encouraging you to visit his blog (Tech-for Everyone), I also encourage you to look him up at Aplus Computer Aid where he offers affordable and friendly services via remote control over the web, or over the phone.


jaanix post to jaanix

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6 thoughts on “Tech-for Everyone – The One Million Mark

Add yours

    1. worddreams,
      I have visited (and learned from) your site, so I know better than to think you might want writing advice…

      My “general tip” is do what you know and love”.
      My “blogger’s tips” are quite in line with all the 10 Tips For A Successful Blog articles out there.. consistently posting fresh, quality content, and generating “linkbacks” with other websites.


  1. I love Paul’s site. I check it out a few times everyday. great information. I also check out your site to everyday Rick.


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