A Very Nice Bookmarks Browser for Google Chrome

If you use Google Chrome, then you know that using the built in bookmark manager is not easiest component to find and use. I am sure as Chrome continues to evolve and improve, this will all change, but what is a person to do in the mean time?

Recently I found a really nice Google Chrome Extension called Bookmarks Browser that makes getting to and exploring your bookmarks an enjoyable experience. After you install the extension, you will notice a star on the browser toolbar. Simply click the star and all of your bookmarks will appear in a very nice (clean and easy to follow) interface.

Bookmark Browser

This extension is new and I am sure the developer will continue to make improvements. One improvement I would like to see is the ability to actually manage those bookmarks (add, move, etc…) in the interface that is provided. Otherwise, this is a great extension (add-on) to go for. If you are a Google Chrome user, you can get the Bookmarks Browser extension [HERE] .


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14 thoughts on “A Very Nice Bookmarks Browser for Google Chrome

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  1. Rick,
    One of the reasons I am a “Firefox guy” and not a “Chrome guy” is the current lack of “extensions” and “add ons” (at least, by comparison) and so it is nice to see developers working in this area.

    With the new version, and all, maybe it’s time I gave Chrome another test drive…


    1. Paul,

      I have been using the Developer’s Channel version of Chrome as my primary browser and I really do like it. I think primary reason for that is that it is evolving (fast) right before my eyes. There extension library is also growing at a rapid pace. If anything, download the portable version for a try…



      1. Yes, I haven’t kick the tires for, oh, 6 months now.. feels like it’s time.

        (But I don’t think I want to put myself through fox withdrawal just yet.. I have grown quite fond of the Superman “persona”. Ha!)


  2. A few months ago I gave Chrome another whirl and it’s one of the best moves I’ve made. Firefox is such a bloated beast these days and the speed of Chrome is the best reason to jump on board.

    I do miss a few firefox add-ons, but new ones are arriving every day – I installed a clippings substitute today that seems to work just as well. A foxytunes extension is badly needed however…


    1. Mike,

      The speed of Chrome is awesome compared to Firefox. To prove that point, I have been using Chrome as my primary browser for over 3 months. I occasionally pull up Firefox and the load time of pages is very noticeable. Nothing against Firefox, due to it is an awesome browser…

      The extensions will improve… Thank you for commenting and dropping by.



  3. Hi,

    Chrome is indeed my choice too, and actually has been from the day one when it was launched. There is only one thing that is annoying – it’s that the middle click catches onclick handlers, when in reality middle click should ignore those. It’s just one little technical issue, but it’s annoying.

    That being said, the extension I did is starting to get into its final shape now 🙂


    1. Ilkkah,

      The extension you created is awesome. My primary browser is Chrome and Bookmarks Browser has been a great add-on. Keep up the great work and be sure to visit back here often : )



  4. yup,, I luv Google Chrome
    I’ve used it for along time ago
    and build some extensions for my community forum
    Chrome is my primary browser for surfing
    but I still need other browser (IE too unfornatelay) to develop web project

    go go GOOGLE 🙂


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