How many Yottas do you have?

As long as I have had a passion for computers I have found that others with this passion like to sling around the computer terms. It is very common amongst the nerd pack to brag about how many Gigs (gigabytes) they have in terms of “how big” their hard drive is or how much storage they currently have; or how much memory installed in their PCs. I think it is a man thing… Well, let me tell you; I bet you don’t have a Yottabyte!

I was just browsing Steve Mallard’s blog at the Tennessee Technology Center at Shelbyville (TTC Shelbyville) and noticed a post titled “Yottabyte” that displays a nice chart that explains how big a Yottabyte is. For example, did you know that the cost of a one terabyte drive today is approximately $100 and at today’s pricing levels it would cost a 100 trillion dollars to buy a Yottabyte of storage for just the hard drives?

The name yotta was chosen because it’s the second-to-last last letter of the Latin alphabet and also sounds like the Greek letter iota. – Webopedia

1,024 bytes is a kilobyte
1,024 kilobytes is a megabyte
1,024 megabytes is a gigabyte
1,024 gigabytes is a terabyte
1,024 terabytes is a petabyte
1,024 petabyes is an exabyte
1,024 exabytes is a zettabyte
1,024 zettabytes is a yottabyte

Yo, how many Yottabytes do you have (LOL)?

Get over to TTC Shelbyville to check it out your nerdhood and to get a brief visual lesson about terabytes, petabytes, exabytes, zettabytes and Yes; Yottabytes.


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10 thoughts on “How many Yottas do you have?

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  1. Rick,
    Thanks for that lesson and illustration of some very very very big numbers. At the risk of showing my age…(however, I was a baby when I got into this business–honest) the first mainframe computer I operated in the beginning of my career had 24k of memory. Now you’re telling me we can count to yottabytes? This is too much for me…I’m going to lie down on the couch. There…that’s much better. Hmmm, wonder when Windows will require a yottabyte of memory to run? Two yottabytes, four?

    Seriously, this is some cool information and fun to try to get our arms around. Thanks again.


    1. Paul,

      Unbelievable, 24K of memory! Is it not amazing how this stuff is evolving? Did you ever think you would see computers where they are today?

      Paul, on an added note… Check out the TTC Shelbyville links in the article. Steve Mallard is a Tech Teacher at that school and is a good person (and blogger) to associate with. His students often have a hand in what he posts.



  2. As a geek, I now have something new to dream of and hope for!

    It’s tough being from the generation that thought a megabyte was big!!

    Ok fellow geek friend, how many floppy disks in a Yottabyte?


    1. G,

      Scratching my head, pulling my hair; I am terrible at the math thing! I did find on the internet (which I did not bookmark), that a “Yottabyte” of floppies, if stacked, would reach the moon.



  3. I still have my MC-10 computer. 4K of memory native, AND with the plug in 4K add-on memory! Then I went wild with a Color Computer, 32K of memory, upgraded to 64K.
    Now I have 4gigs of memory, and a 1.5 Terabyte drive – just a bit of difference!
    I remember buying 64K individual memory chips. How’s that for old???


  4. “..and also sounds like the Greek letter iota. – Webopedia

    When I look at “yotta”, I pronounce it “yah-tah” .. very much like “lotta” (as in, “that’s a lotta floppies!”) .. not anything like “eye-oh-tah”.

    * And thanks for the reminder: it’s time to mention Steve’s great site to my readers again.

    Happy weekend.


  5. Ok, TechPaul…

    First it is “G” with the Math and now it is you with the pronunciation… (LOL) “yah-tah” on the west coast; “yo-tuh” on the east coast… To be honest, I really do not know how it is actually pronounced.



    1. I think “yo-tuh” was a little green dude in the original Star Wars

      Basically, I am just feelin’ a little frisky and playful today as it feels like summer here. All this warmth and sunshine has made me slightly giddy, I think (after all our rainy/gray days).

      BTW – I noted your freshly minted article on the excellent Nitro PDF, and have updated my article.


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