How To Spruce Up Your Google Search Page

Many PC’s that I get my hands on I set the homepage to “”, that loads the Official Google Search Page. I have found this to be a great launching point, especially for new computer users. The page has always been quite bland; however, recently Google has provided an option that will allow an user to add a background image to the page.

To find and apply this option, visit Once the page loads you will see an option to “Add a background image and make Google your own” (see below).

Google Search

The background can be an image from your computer, your Picasa Web Photos (google account required), the public gallery or from the editor’s picks. For example, I uploaded the image below of a broken Microsoft Window from my PC. Each time I perform a search, that image is now my background (see screenshot below).

Select A Background

One thing to point out. If you want to remove or change an image you can do so by clicking on the “Remove Background Image” text at the bottom LEFT CORNER of the screen. It is difficult to pick this out; however, you can get the general location by looking at the arrow in the screenshot below.

You can read the official notice of this new feature at the Official Google blog [ HERE ] .


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9 thoughts on “How To Spruce Up Your Google Search Page

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  1. I actually get irritated when the start page isn’t set to Google! I can’t understand why someone would want any other starting point.


  2. Hey Rick,
    The one you chose is awesome! It reminded me of an image I created resembling that broken Windows but I feel my anger rising again lol!


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