Nitro – A PDF Reader that is a Whole Lot More

I believe I may have found a PDF utility, called Nitro PDF Reader, that just may be the answer to managing all of my PDF file needs. For an application that is described as a PDF reader, this app is that and a whole lot more. As a matter of fact I think it should be called a PDF Utility instead of a PDF Reader (make sure you read the “cool factor” below).

Nitro PDF Reader
Nitro PDF Reader

Nitro is a FREE PDF reader that is very modern in appearance and functionality. Nitro uses the ribbon menu model from Microsoft Office and uses enhanced navigation panes to get the job done.  Nitro is currently in beta.

Nitro PDF Reader - Ribbon Interface

Nitro Reader is currently in Beta and it’s a brand new product. It’s ready to be used, and everything works, but the purpose of a Beta is to test the software beyond anything we can do internally, and get the feedback from our users and beyond that will shape the its long-term direction and development.

The “cool factor” to Nitro that I really like is this; not only is Nitro a PDF reader, but it is a PDF Printer (creator), as well. If you are not familiar with a PDF printer, then you do not know what you are missing. Instead of using your printer (and wasting paper), you can use a PDF printer to electronically (and virtually) print your documents, web pages, etc. The documents that you print are automatically saved as a PDF file on your computer for future reference. Instead of using your physical printer to print a document, you would select Nitro PDF Creator from the printer list. Granted, there are occasions that you need to print hard copies; however, I will guarantee you that once you learn to use a PDF printer, you will save paper and ink. I am finding that Nitro is an excellent choice for this.

A whole lot more…

With Nitro you can also add notes, highlight text, add comments,  extract text, extract images, fill in forms, type directly onto any  existing PDF document and work with multiple PDF documents at the same time.

In summary, for a FREE PDF Reader Nitro rocks! In my opinion there is not any other FREE PDF app out there (that I know of) that possesses the added functionality that this reader (by default) provides. I encourage you visit the site [ HERE ] to learn more about this FREE app.


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  1. We started using Nitro at my job last year as an alternative to the more expensive Adobe equivalent (we don’t get to use the free version, I assume because we’re a business). It’s worked really well for our users, and I haven’t had a single person yet ask to switch to Adobe. Great post, Rick!


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