Fatburgr Helps Keep Computer Users Healthy

Fatburgr We tech bloggers often go on about what you can and cannot do to keep your computer healthy and in good running order. What we forget is that the person sitting behind that computer needs to keep healthy, as well. We often find ourselves grabbing a meal from a local fast food restaurant and eating that meal as we navigate the world wide web.

What would we do if we did not have the fast food restaurants? I can remember growing up and there was not such a place; then one day McDonald’s came to town which was a big event. Today the area which I live is saturated with fast food restaurants. Do I visit them? Well, of course! Are they good for me? Well, of course not!

To help me curb my fast food restaurant addiction, I have come to rely on the web site Fatburgr. Fatburgr is pretty much set up to give you the nutritional value (calories, fat, carbs, and fiber) of those Big Macs, Whoppers, Fries, Chicken Nuggets, etc… You can assess your intake by category or by restaurant. You can also click on the column titles to display the column in ascending or descending order to further assess what is best for you.


Fatburgr is a really a nice looking site that is easy to follow with a nice collection of (popular) restaurants to pick from. I often visit Fatburgr to look at the calorie intake of a potential meal in the hope that it will serve as a deterrent.  Does it work?  Well, of course not!


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